Why Use Hot Water Before Your Marriage?

The first night you spend together as a married couple is a defining moment for your relationship, so make sure you can enjoy the benefits of hot water with a water heater on demand. It is the first time you honestly come together as a couple. This collection of moments will be something that you remember for the rest of your lives together. The best way to begin a night of loving intimacy, such as this one, is by winding down. Let the stress of wedding preparations, guests, family, expectations, all fade away and fall down the drain as you allow the relaxing warmth of waves of hot water to cascade over you. Each drop will be a single point of release for all the tension involved in the lead-up to this unforgettable night.

A strong showerhead can also massage your body further and therapeutically press the soothing sensations of heated water past just your skin, and into your muscles. The stiffness of formal clothes, sitting and standing for hours to take pictures, the dancing, the traveling, warmth supplied to you directly from the water heater (combined with a good showerhead) can make all the wear fade away, leaving you ready to enjoy the most beautiful part of your wedding.

A hot shower can even make you fall more in love, perhaps. According to research, hot showers can raise oxytocin levels. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone,” is released in the brain when we develop social bonds like meeting, kissing, falling in love, having children and caring for our partners and children. What more could you ask for to begin your marriage than increased levels of the brain chemical that helped you fall in love in the first place?

If you don’t want your perfect day-now your perfect night- turned into a less-than-desirable mess by a nasty cold or nasal irritation symptoms, hot showers can also help you there. Hot steam naturally decongests your nose and relieves some signs of cold through the moisturizing of nasal passages.

Perhaps you prefer to slowly, softly, transition into intimacy? Then a hot bath may be more your style. The closeness, the features hidden under the surface, the warmth of the water enveloping you while your partner does the same, it’s an intimate scene made possible by a water heater on demand. For more mystery, use bubbles on top of the water so that everything is obscured and imagined, rather than overt. You can be subtly submerged in a pocket of stress-relieving warmth, falling deeper into a relaxed state as you simultaneously fall even more deeply in love with the person who you will share the rest of your life with.

The laughing, the touching, the kissing, all enhanced by the therapeutic qualities of the hot water covering you and drawing the weariness from your bodies. Bathing in warm water has other benefits as well, like making your heart beat faster and improving circulation. Much like a hot shower, a hot bath can open up your sinuses, though to an even greater extent since you can immerse yourself in the water. A warm bath can also have positive benefits for your nerves, joints, bones, and muscles.

Whether you decide on a hot bath, hot shower, or both, there’s no doubt that they and a water heater on demand can make your wedding night and the marriage that follows, much more comfortable.

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