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Seven Stems Designs is a wedding experts’ company focused on weddings, love, and relationships. Brave, unremorseful, we are made by and for, smart nuptials. Seven Stem Designs has spent years in the wedding space, committed to encouraging inclusive, real, and accessible love stories. 

Our team comprises some of the best in the wedding planning industry with respect for diverse wedding cultures and relationship types. Seven Stem Designs is founded with a mission and vision that strives to make weddings an occasion to celebrate love, regardless of race, sexuality, or class. We are committed to embrace change and accept diversity in the industry as an all-inclusive wedding planning and management team. 

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Most people looking for inspiration and help in planning their wedding often come with common questions. We sampled and answered them below to make your more straightforward. 

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Seven Stems Design is a wedding management company focused on weddings, love, and relationships. We are made for and by an intelligent community of readers and relationship experts. We endeavor to make our content diversely engaging so that our readers cannot feel alone as they wade through intense transition periods in their lives. We also promote inclusive, genuine, and accessible love stories and relationship agendas. 

Seven Stem Designs is committed to celebrating our diversity through inclusive actions that promote tolerance and unity. We are committed to making our website and company a platform for a diversity of perspectives, making room for different love stories and voices from different cultural backgrounds, including the Black Community, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, Christians, among others.

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