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Welcome to Seven Stems Designs

Seven Stems Designs is a wedding experts’ company focused on weddings, love, and relationships. Brave, unremorseful, we are made by and for, smart nuptials. Seven Stems Designs has spent years in the wedding space, committed to encouraging inclusive, real, and accessible love stories. 

Our team comprises some of the best in the wedding planning industry with respect for diverse wedding cultures and relationship types. Seven Stems Designs is founded with a mission and vision that strives to make weddings an occasion to celebrate love, regardless of race, sexuality, or class. We are committed to embrace change and accept diversity in the industry as an all-inclusive wedding planning and management team. 

We host an array of engaged experts and thousands of readers and followers worldwide. At the moment, the company has one of the best management supported by an able staff, advertisers, and a community of readers. We strive to promote diversity in one of the world’s most sacred unions; marriage.

The content we offer is an assortment of wedding stories, wedding planning tips, and other wedding how-to’s. Our approach to weddings in the industry is second to none. We also ensure our readers are engaged by enabling a comment section that promotes discussions and sharing. 

As part of our mission to promote diversity and inclusivity, we highlight various weddings from different cultural perspectives. We also ensure our readers are engaged by publishing blogs on real wedding planning processes and tips. Our articles encourage conversations around inclusivity and diversity in love and relationships. Our slogan is “make yours a perfect seven stems wedding” because we believe we are the best in the industry and what we offer is perfection-oriented. We want to make your big day as successful as humanly possible. 

Staying on our website will guarantee you a lot of affection and connection. We are dedicated to helping you celebrate every day of your life in love the best way we can.