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Outdoor Wedding Tips Every Prospective Couple Should Know

A wedding is a significant part of an individual’s life. Deciding to tie the knot with your other half requires a certain level of certainty, maturity, and preparedness. Weddings are special occasions for the parties involved because, in ideal situations, they happen once in a lifetime for every person. 

The idea of how a wedding ceremony should go is dependent on a variety of factors. While some people want it big, more conservative individuals prefer simple versions, devoid of lush, and extravagance. However, often time, how big a wedding ceremony will depend on those involved’ financial capacity. More financially buoyant folks tend to go all out for wedding ceremonies.

In planning your wedding, you’ll have to make lots of decisions, ranging from simple to complex. The choice of where you want your wedding to hold is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in planning your wedding. It’s one of the first choices you have to make before planning other details come into play.

A wedding ceremony could take place at an indoor or outdoor venue. While many people prefer the indoor version due to the security from elements of weather it offers, it’s neither strange nor unusual to see the out-of-door style. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are considered by many to be more romantic as they usually take place in areas that offer environmental beauty and aesthetics, and are not affected by the space limitation associated with indoor parties.

Outdoor Wedding Tips

There’s a reason outdoor weddings are a thing in the first place. Nothing beats the sight of a happy couple tying the knot somewhere in the mountains or at the beach under ideal weather, surrounded by family and well-wishers. Sounds surreal, uh? That’s one of the benefits of having your party at an outdoor venue stand to offer you. 

Besides natural beauty and aesthetics, it’s rare for outdoor venues to have space limitation issues. On the other hand, most indoor venues offer limited people spaces, i.e., there’s always a limit to the number of people they can accommodate at a time.

You and your partner have decided to go ahead with having an outdoor wedding ceremony since you both have always wanted it. That’s a great choice to make, one that you’ll still appreciate. In a bid to ensure you have a hitch-free ceremony, this article seeks to furnish you with tips on how to make your outdoor wedding a memorable one.

Consider the Wind

As a natural phenomenon, the wind is an essential factor you shouldn’t overlook when planning your outdoor wedding ceremony. A cool breeze is suitable for your event; however, you need to prepare for any eventuality. Even the tiniest of details must carry an air of preparedness around it. Attires, hairstyles, tents must be able to withstand mild wind conditions.

Also, a solid material should be used for the wedding arch, if there’s going to be one. You might want to consider going for a wedding arch made from an excellent arc welding process, to avoid running into wind troubles. You wouldn’t want it to end up falling on you, your partner, and the priest now, would you?

You Must Have a Solid Backup Plan

Never go forward with an outdoor wedding ceremony without having a viable alternative plan in place. You must put weather elements like rain and sun into consideration. An ideal outdoor wedding venue has an indoor location in case the need arises. The tent must be solid to withstand a torrential downpour and thick enough to provide adequate shelter from the elements.

Guests must have a sense of security, so endeavor to eliminate elements that may suggest otherwise.

Secure a Permit/Approval

Having law enforcement agents storming your wedding venue and whisking you away over the violation of environmental laws due to your failure to secure a permit for the event could be highly disgraceful. Avoid getting on the wrong side of the law by seeking and obtaining necessary approvals from relevant departments or agencies for your outdoor wedding. You’d do well to ask questions and get answers bordering on technicalities surrounding environmental laws.

Get Your Weather Forecast Right

You wouldn’t want to hold your wedding on a day the skies decide to wet the ground or when the sun decides to test its powers. The need to get weather forecast right is essential to avoid making your guests feel uncomfortable. Organize your event on a day you’re sure the weather will be favorable.


Properly planned outdoor weddings are a joy to behold, and they make for memorable occasions. Following the tips above will help ensure yours isn’t any different.

How to Hold a Classy Wedding at a Low Cost

Who said a classy wedding must be expensive? A stunning and stylish wedding is all about ideas put together to create a harmonious environment. Save your hard-earned money to start life as a couple instead of paying debts incurred during the expensive-one day event.

Most expenditure goes to logistics, which you need to reduce to have your dream wedding.

Weddings need a lot of planning. Do you know you can plan your wedding without a planner and still have a stylish event?

You only need to explore various options and, if possible, engage other couples who have gone through the same for advice. Since they have walked down the aisle before, they have practical advice on what to avoid or do to save on cost.

The digital technology is vital to get various service providers and compare the service vs. cost. With this, you make crucial decisions towards achieving your life goal- a classy wedding.

Here are a few tips to achieve the frugal low-cost wedding

  1. Replace wedding gifts with service provision

Sixty percent of the wedding budget is on service provision. If there is a way you can get the best services at a low cost, the better for you. Take note, never compromise on quality due to cost.

Go for the best deals. Go for small brands in service provision, and they offer quality service at an affordable cost, unlike the big brands that tend to sell the “name” rather than the service.

Yes, people love to associate with the big brands, it’s all right, but, if you have the money to spend. Instead of friends bringing you gifts, why not engage them to change the gifts with wedding services. Substitute the cash to give them and just allow them to offer the service.

Reduce the cost by offering the tools and products they need to work with. Is that not the best alternative? No friend will disappoint you in the service provision, for they know it’s a marketing strategy for the next contract.

  1. Opt for an outdoor wedding venue: your home if possible

Why pay a dime for a venue when you have a landscaped home that can accommodate all the guests? In case you want somewhere away from home, they use the church or workplace grounds.

 Approach a friend or a colleague to give you ideas on this where you have the best venue at no, if not, minimal cost. The home option comes with other cheap alternatives; everything will be done from there, reducing transport and logistics cost.

Engage a few friends to make the meals for you and gift them something “small” as a sign of appreciation. The fact that you use your home appliances–like gas grills-it’s an affordable option for catering service.

Why use gas grills?

  • It’s cheap
  • Automated functions save time
  • They are portable
  • Will serve hot food for your wedding guests
  1. Use colleges and universities for service provision

The caterers, photographers, and entertainers are a product of an institution. Why not tap that raw talent as a way of enhancing their skills at your wedding? The thought of allowing them to grace your occasion in itself boosts their confidence level.

They will go a notch higher just to give out the best. To them, it’s a way of throwing themselves in the market for future business and contracts.

  1. Window shop to get the best deals for wedding accessories

Have you noticed that the same wedding ring you bought at a higher price in a certain store costs lower in another store? You never wake up in the morning and do a wedding, once you have the proposal, focus your mind on the accessories you need.

It’s time to know all the wedding accessory spots for a rough idea on the best deals in town to save you an extra coin. Some stores have business offers to get rid of their stock or just a marketing strategy.

Take advantage and buy them at that time. You may come back and find the price is almost double the offered price. As long as it’s not food, which is perishable, buy it, it comes in handy to reduce your wedding budget.

The wedding accessories include wedding rings, jewelry, dress, shoes, and evening dresses for both of you and the bridal team.

  1. Wed during the off-peak seasons to get best deals

Service providers exaggerate their prices during the wedding peak seasons to cater for the dry months. It’s nearly impossible to get affordable service providers due to demand at that time.

Who says there is a specific time to hold your wedding? It’s a convenience of your guests, family, and friends. Give people a plot during the off-peak season when the weather is favorable and get the best deals for your wedding.

 The pricing is always reduced by almost 30 percent due to low demand and high competition.

  1. Avoid last-minute rushes

The first rule in achieving your dream wedding is plan, plan, and plan. Unless it’s an organized wedding, you have all the time to plan for this day. Don’t postpone an activity, thinking that you still have some months ahead to do it.

 It’s true; there are several months, but look at what you need to do within the period. Have a plan of activities and a time frame to achieve it for not only an easy time but also to get discounted prices now that it’s an early booking.

  1. Engage friends and family in the planning process

Let your wedding be stress-free. Just deal with personal issues concerning the wedding, the rest of the activities delegate to your trusted friends under your guidance. You will be amazed by the level of commitment they have to ensure the day is successful.

I deliberately left out the reduction of a guest list, for this is the fun on occasion. Look at other areas you can get cheap products and services to serve all of them.

In summary, a classy wedding is not determined by the amount of money you spend but rather the quality service you get at an affordable cost.