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Helen Shanice


Helen is the brain behind the content of the site. She oversees all content concerning the wedding industry. She goes a step further to research relevant content that communicates directly to the target audience. She is responsible for all correspondences, which determine the kind of content the readers may need.

The Bachelor of Education graduate is not only passionate about writing but weddings in specific. In her blog, she records having attended countless weddings in her lifetime. That means, in her 45 years of existence, she has seen both modern and traditional trends in the weddings of different cultures and races for a comprehensive content in the marital bloom.

Shawn Oliver

Managing Editor

All the editing needs of this blog are under the able supervision of Shawn Oliver, the managing editor. Afterwhich resident, freelance, and guest writer submit their content on various topics related to the wedding industry, she goes through it word by word taking care of the language and tone of communication to ensure we meet the expectations of diverse online traffic.

The Bachelor of Linguistics has a passion for word and communication. Her simplicity in language communicates to the young couples, the mature ones, and the old ones who all complete the wedding equation. Mothers-in-law, couples, brides, maids, and grooms have a lot to learn from the blog. Shawn is passionate about weddings not by inspiration but by disguise.

She got messed up by service providers in her wedding and vowed not to allow couples to endure the emotional turmoil she experienced. She uses the blog to educate, guide, and provide tips for wedding planners and couples in equal measure on dos and don’ts s to have a successful wedding.

Shirleen Juliet

Editorial & Strategy Director

The blog’s peak season is also the peak season when the wedding is the talk of towns and cities. At that point, we have a demand for content on various topics to accommodate specific individuals. We involve ghostwriters, guest writers with the resident writers to meet this demand.

With the writing policies that take care of plagiarism, it’s important to keep every content in check to avoid direct duplication of words. Shirleen is responsible for all content that gets through to the editor’s office.

She also takes care of the writer’s interpersonal skills through a mentorship program to minimize a high turnover of writers who jeopardize the content’s quality. As a resident writer of the blog, you are a team member, and he ensures your welfare is well catered for if that is what will make you give your best for the company. The Master’s holder in journalism brings on board the professional angle in writing for high quality.

Martin Steve

Senior Email Editor

Martin, the only male in this team, is the brain behind the well-researched and effective blog content. Going by the demand for more articles, the top manager only does the polishing, but the original work is Martin Steve’s brainchild. The Higher National Diploma in Mass communication takes pride in writing engaging content that also takes care of the professional angle to give it a corporate look that is the power of every online content site.

Martin is a researcher and passionate about social issues that encompass weddings. In his fieldwork, he has online interactions with to-wed couples, newlyweds, and aspiring couples. He uses testimonies and life experiences to give the articles the corporate and real-life taste that the audience always wants to know.

It encourages people to speak up to spice the content. Martin is a renowned print media journalist who enjoys not only writing but also interviewing the audience for relevant and factual data collection for the blog site